Weekly Brief for July 2, 2024

Heat Wave Hits Statewide

According to the National Weather Service, dangerous temperatures will continue developing for much of the state through mid and late week, continuing through the weekend and at least early next week.

  • On Tuesday, moderate to major Heat Risk is forecast across much of the state, with temperatures continuing to warm through the end of the week and into the weekend.
  • Heat Risk will reach major levels for areas near the coast by late week, with extreme Heat Risk for much of the Central Valley, coastal valleys and foothills, and interior southern California due to long-duration heat.
  • High temperatures will reach 100-115°F for many interior areas, with widespread 90s close to the coast.
  • Overnight temperatures will only reach the 70s for many inland areas and will stay in the 80s for the southeast deserts and lower elevation foothills across much of the state.
  • Both record high temperatures and record warm overnight low temperatures are likely in many areas.

The combination of very hot and dry conditions and breezy winds each day will bring periods of elevated to critical fire weather conditions to much of the state through early next week.

The most likely areas for critical conditions Tuesday and Wednesday will be across the Sacramento Valley and surrounding foothills and the Santa Cruz mountains, coastal ranges near the Bay Area, Sonoma coastal range, and the East Bay hills.

Senate Bill 478 Goes into Effect Outlawing “Hidden Fees”

Senate Bill 478 went into effect on July 1, 2024 and makes it illegal for businesses to advertise or list a price for a good or service that does not include all required fees or charges (other than certain government taxes and shipping costs).

Also known as the “Honest Pricing Law” or “Hidden Fees Statute,” SB 478 does not change what price a business can charge or what may be included in that cost, it simply requires that the price listed include all mandatory charges consumers will pay.

Mandatory fees charged by restaurants, bars, and other select food vendors are exempted from SB 478’s requirements so long as the fee is clearly and conspicuously displayed on the menu.

Enforcement of SB 478

The requirements of SB 478 can be enforced by the Attorney General, District Attorneys, certain City Attorneys, and County Counsels, and, subject to the Consumer Legal Remedies Act’s existing notice process, through private litigation. Consumers, employees, and competitor businesses who observe apparent violations can bring potential violations to the attention of the Attorney General by visiting oag.ca.gov/report.

The Attorney General has also setup a web page with more information: oag.ca.gov/hiddenfees.

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